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Armed with a potent fuel-injected 500cc engine and clothed in a disarmingly appealing post-war styling – tweaked to unique perfection by the awesome artists from Concours d’éléphant –  this could be the most coveted Royal Enfield in history.

For those who want it all. The power, the fuel efficiency, the reliability and simple, yet drop dead gorgeous classic styling. This bike turns heads not because it wants to but because it can’t help it. The view is simply better when you are astride a Royal Enfield Classic 500 – whether moving or still. Nothing more to be said.



Artist bio: For close to a century Belstaff has been making clothes for men and women who want a bit more from life, to push the limits. With a heritage of technical innovation rooted in the north of England, the company started life by kitting out some of the most daring people the world has seen. Our iconic jackets had the back of everyone from aviator Amy Johnson to adventurer TE Lawrence and revolutionary Che Guevara. We still make the most jackets today – and we still kit out some of the world͛s most questing individuals – but we are much more besides. Whether around the town, trekking across the world or flying off for a long weekend, Belstaff has the clothes, the boots and the bags to take you there. Rigorously designed, effortlessly good- looking and built for life: Belstaff is for people who don’t think getting dressed is the most important thing they͛ll do that day.

Inspiration behind design: Belstaff has customised this Royal Enfield bike, inspired by our rich Archive, to take part in the Concours d’éléphant, in support of the Elephant Family. Inspired by graphic racing stripes from our Archive moto jackets the bike features a Belstaff hand waxed leather seat, Phoenix logo and 1924 painted on the fuel tank, the year of the birth of Belstaff.

Belstaff logo



Artist bio: Boyarde is an internationally acclaimed British artist who is known for embracing and hand painting ͚unusual canvases͛ including murals, the female body and luxury fashion accessories. As an artist, she brings ideas to life through re-contextualisation of familiar images from popular culture. Boyarde’s Pop Art style combines realism with comic. Her strong yet elegant black lines make every work “pop” from across any surface.

Inspiration behind design: “I love everything to do with the jungle and colour. I wanted my bike to really POP and most importantly, make you smile. After all everybody loves a bit of leopard print. My wild Thing design, I felt an appropriate theme for the elephants out in the wild, whilst also capturing my signature style.”

Boyarde logo HIGHEST RESOLUTION 1016



Artist Bio: British artist Dan Baldwin bridges the gap between abstract and figurative painting to create a landscape that simultaneously reflects reality, the power of the imagination and the private, inner workings of his mind. His style has a unique aesthetic which is difficult to categorise. Working by instinct, it can change dramatically depending on the subject matter he is exploring and the emotions he is channelling. Amidst the edgy brushstrokes, symbolism proliferates in Baldwin’s work, each viewer develops a highly personal response to what they see. The relationship that has been observed between Baldwin and the still life painters of seventeenth-century Holland stems from his use of such symbols of life, death and mortality as the flower, the skull, the bird and rotting fruit. Baldwin recontextualizes these symbols, however, making them relevant for modern audiences.

Dan Baldwin was born in Manchester in 1972. He studied communication media at Eastbourne College of Art and Design with commendation and received his BA with honours in communication media and illustration from Kent Institute of Art and Design, Maidstone. He lived in Brighton for twelve years and currently resides in the West Sussex countryside. Baldwin’s superlative technique and conceptual brilliance position him at the forefront of the new Young British Artist movement. His work is internationally celebrated, championed and collected by an exclusive clientele. Baldwin has exhibited his paintings, prints and ceramics around the world. He has enjoyed a stream of critically lauded sell-out solo shows and presented his work in art fairs in Basel, Miami, L.A, Tokyo, San Francisco, London and New York.

Dan Baldwin - Logo



Artist bio: House of Hackney is a luxury British interiors, lifestyle and fashion brand founded in 2010 by husband and wife duo Frieda Gormley and Javvy M Royle. Balancing heritage with modernity, the pair set out to shake up the interiors world through a celebration of bold prints and exquisite colour.
Mixing iconic design with mindful production, House of Hackney is proud to work with the UK’s best manufacturers in each of their fields to deliver unparalleled quality.
The House of Hackney Flagship store is located in Shoreditch, London and was voted 3rd Best London Store in the Time Out Awards 2014.

Inspiration behind design: We used the ‘Florika’ print from our interiors collections for the bike’s paint job. ‘Florika’ is a painterly paisley-meets-floral pattern inspired by the ancient fabrics that might have been found on the Silk Road trail through Uzbekistan. The onyx colourway captures a dark and mysterious mood which feels fitting for a biker. We used the same print on leather for the seat and trimmed the handlebars with tassels for a luxe finish.

Final H o u s e o f H a c k n e y London - letterbox style



 Artist bio: Luke Edward Hall is a London-based artist and designer of interiors, fabrics and ceramics. He established his studio in the autumn of 2015 and since then has worked across a broad range of design commissions and projects and has collaborated with a variety of companies and institutions including Burberry, Christie’s and the Royal Academy of Arts. His colourful aesthetic is informed by a love of history, an appreciation of beauty and a sense of playfulness.

Inspiration behind design: These fabric designs were originally inspired by my imagined idea of India. I’ve recently visited Rajasthan and I fell in love with the place however these designs were created before my trip, so I took inspiration from the colours that I hoped I would see, as well as antique fabric designs that I came across during my research.

LEH Script 1 Line



Artist bio: Krazy Horse was started by Paul Beamish as a hobby when he couldn’t get the bike parts he needed locally. Since opening in 1996, Krazy Horse has grown massively. Thousands of customers visit our three showrooms every year to buy cars and bikes, get their vehicles serviced and enjoy the complete Krazy Horse experience.

Inspiration behind design: To produce a flat track style motorcycle which is not normally done with Royal Enfield’s but currently represents the Style of motorcycles Krazy Horse are producing. Like Kandula the legendary Royal War Elephant it is an aggressive looking beast.

Genuine wild rides-BIKE



Artist bio: Philip Colbert lives and works in London and is known for his
multi-disciplinary approach, creating a “World of Art” working across sculpture, painting, clothing and performance to create a unique contemporary voice. Described by Andre Leon Talley as “the Godson of Andy Warhol”. Colbert has exhibited in Fairs, Museum’s and Galleries worldwide, such as: the Van Gogh Museum, the Design Exchange in Canada, and in the recent World Goes POP show at TATE Modern, and The Saatchi Gallery.

Inspiration behind design: If Salvador Dali had ever travelled across India, this unforgettable motorcycle would surely have been his chosen steed. Philip Colbert’s lobster alter ego is all over this bike. It’s pop surrealism on two wheels, with irrepressible Royal Enfield quality and style. Inspiration comes from Philip’s alter ego, a Lobster which
appears in lots of his work. “I love artworks that also have a function, and hybrid between an artwork and function, I love art vehicles, the way they communicate and interact with everyday life, and bring artistic energy to the streets. Art for all.”



Artist bio: Rebecca Campbell is an artist living and working in London. Her paintings have been described as delightful, enigmatic and highly imaginative, underpinned by a quirky sense of humour. Rebecca’s distinctive narrative style is influenced by an Irish country childhood, extensive travelling and a love of Mughal miniatures, with their rich earth colours and bold designs. She shows with Jonathan Cooper in London, as well as internationally. Rebecca is an Ambassador for Elephant Family.

Inspiration behind design: This Classic 500 is directly inspired by Elephant Family’s epic Travels to my Elephant road trip. Bewitched and bedazzled by the colour and culture of India, Rebecca Campbell’s Spirit of Adventure recalls the hypnotic thud of the Enfield engine and the unfolding drama of an Indian journey. Rebecca is enchanted by
India, having fallen in love with the beauty and the richness of the land and culture. Her design for ‘Spirit of Adventure’ celebrates an Elephant Family road trip across Rajasthan. She was part of a fleet of adventurers, on Royal Enfields and other more eccentric vehicles, exploring the mystical beauty of the Thar desert.

Rebecca Campbell Signature